Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D) is the very essence of Sayona Chemicals. It is global, diverse and flexible, and fosters an open worldwide network which aims to provide innovative solutions which create value and makes us stand out from our competitors. Our dynamic international network of experts helps us to provide the finest technical support, improve the performance of industrial processes to achieve operational excellence, and to create and launch ground-breaking new products.

As markets become increasingly efficient and competitive, more and more businesses rely on technology to give them an edge. Sayona Chemicals research laboratories provide customers with cutting-edge technologies that enable them to attain lasting competitive advantage and achieve their business objectives. From development of new product platforms to short-term troubleshooting, Sayona Chemicals collaborates with customers to deliver solutions that help enhance performance, cut costs, and maximize return on assets.

Sayona Chemicals innovation culture embraces all those elements essential to providing the very best in creative output to the industry along with a productive, career-enhancing climate for its management and staff. Leadership and entrepreneurial spirit are at the heart of everything we do. We are diverse and inclusive, engaged and passionate, driven by our ambition to achieve business excellence and total customer satisfaction, while always mindful of the importance of respecting the planet we inhabit.

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