Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste management is a great process in making the surrounding free from all types of dangerous chemicals and it is being implemented in several ways. Many HHWs can be recycled into new products. The bottom ash is a dense, dark, gravely substance that remains on the bottom of combustion chambers. After these types of ashes go though the proper treatment, they could bind to other pollutants and convert them into easier-to- dispose solids, or they could be used as pavement filling.

Sayona Chemicals provides environmentally sound, flexible and cost effective solutions for all types of hazardous waste streams generated in every industry.

  • Save money and get a quick return on investment
  • Obtain higher quality solvents
  • Reduce liability related to solvent storage and waste disposal
  • Comply with government and certification guidelines for waste reduction
  • Maintain a lower waste generator status