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Solvent Distillation Technology

SAYONA's Solvent Distillation Technology has the potential to produce oil products that are superior to those produced by the low-temperature distillation process currently

The potentially improved oil products produced by the SAYONA's Solvent Distillation Technology could be successfully blended into more valuable lighter diesel or heating fuel products, or into certain lubricating oil stocks. Because our technology separates a greater fraction of the impurities from the used oil than do existing low-temperature distillation technologies, fewer contaminants are burned when the products are used as fuel. The bottoms from the solvent technology, which resemble a light asphalt product, may also be a marketable product for such uses as the manufacture of asphalt shingles.

SAYONA's Solvent distillation units process waste solvents in separate, stand-alone batch, on-line batch, or continuous systems. The distillation units heat the waste solvent to its boiling point. The solvent then evaporates, and the solvent vapors are condensed in a separate receiver. The remaining contaminants in the process are used as fuel for heating in boiler, so at the end there is no solid or liquid waste generated. The idea behind doing so is, as per FDA norms and regulations all API producers cannot use or re use residue solvent after process of API. We can buy the same mixture and get it separated up to purity level of 99.99% by fractional distillation by latest technology where the input cost is negligible and the outputs are good and profitable after the separation.

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