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Sayona Chemicals has core expertise in the form of chemical and application-related know-how, flexible asset management and customer proximity. Our aim is, through innovative products, optimized processes and new ideas, to generate added value for the customers and the company. In all its activities, the Group subscribes to the principle of sustainable development: Sustainability is the basis of every action at Sayona, and we consider environmental compatibility and social responsibility to be of equal importance. Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality are the imperatives of the Sayona Group. We use a process-oriented, integrated management system that complies with the ISO 9001 standards on quality and environmental management to constantly enhance our performance and achieve our goals effectively.

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Welcome to Sayona ChemicalsSayona Chemicals vision is to create a value for our stakeholders while providing meaningful work for our employees and always operating with the highest regard for safety, the environment and the overall well-being of the communities where we work and operate.

Welcome to Sayona ChemicalsSayona Chemicals mission is to be an efficient, integrated manufacturer and marketer of quality chemicals and providing products to customers worldwide and grow responsibly, and to leverage our knowledge and operational expertise to deliver high-quality, innovative and trusted products and services to our customers.

Welcome to Sayona ChemicalsThe guiding principles by which we manage our business:

  • Understanding our clients? needs so that we can provide a solution best suited for our client.
  • Provide the most cost-effective solution for our clients to increase their bottom line
  • Taking pride in our work and honour our products
  • Maintaining ongoing relationship with our customers

We achieve success by:

  • Putting our clients? needs first
  • Adopting the newest technology that is most suited to our client?s application
  • Holding the highest safety standards
  • Maintaining good relationships with our vendors
  • Encouraging teamwork to get the job done

Welcome to Sayona ChemicalsSayona Group is a rapidly growing business house based in India having associations with many foreign giants. It is managed by a team of high caliber professionals who set their own goals and are committed to providing low cost?high quality Lead and its allied products. The company is extremely versatile and maintains stringent ethical standards. We are committed to the preservation and protection of our natural resources and the environment.

Welcome to Sayona ChemicalsSayona Chemicals comprises of a team of scientist and technical professionals who excel in their fields. The team at Sayona not only aims to make the best use of its internal resources, but also strives to make the most efficient and effective use of the external resources.