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Almocef 100 Tab
Almocef 200 Tab
Allblocef Cv 100 Tab
Almocef Cv 200 Tab
Almocef Dry Syp
Almocef Dt Tab
Cefter 250 Capsule
Cefter 500 Capsule
Cefter Dry Syrup
Cefter Kid Tablet
Cesafe 1000 Injection
Cesafe 250 In.Iection
Cesafe 500 Injection
Cesafe-Sm 1500 Injection
Cesafe-Sm 375 Injection
Cesafe-Sm 750 Injection
Cesafe-Tz 1125 Injection
Cesafe-Tz 281 Injection
Cesafe-Tz 562.5 Injection
Ocef 250 Tablet
Ocef 500 Tablet
Ocef 750 Injection
Products Products
Altozyme Liquid Ofloter Plus Suspension - 30
Amedil Syrup Ofloter Plus Suspension - 60
Aroget Syrup Omron Plus Susp
Arolka Liquid Om Ron Syrup 100 Ml
Aliter 100 Suspension Omron Syrup 200 Ml
Aliter 200 Suspension Tekof Syrup
Becap C Syrup 100 Ml Tyi\Lol Suspension
Becap C Syrup 200 Ml  
Brenum Drops  
Cid Liquid  
Cipron Syrup - 100 Ml  
Cipron Syrup - 200 Ml  
Codimol 100 Dry Syrup  
Excodin Syrup  
Laxat Solution  
Moxxil Duo Dry Syrup  
Mvimin Drops  
Nimeter A Suspension  
F\Iimeter Suspension  
Normagan Kid Syrup  
Normagan Syrup  
Normakof Cough Syrup  
Acort 10 Injection
Acort 40 Injection
Amedil 2 Ml Injecton
Amedil 4 Ml Ilvjectlon
Amikater 100 Injecton
Amikater 250 Injection
Amikater 500 Injection
Arteo Inection -1 Ml
Arteo Injection -2 Ml
Moxxil Duo 300 Injection
Ocef 250 Injection
Ocef 250 Injection
Omron 2.5 Ml Injection
Omron 5 Ml Injection
Osonik Injection
Prabactum In.Iection
Pro Dt Injection
Tol Injection
Products Products Products Products Products Products
Acolate -P Plus Tab Becap Cz Capsule Elcad Forte Tablet Moxxil Duo 200 Dry Syrup Peloscab Cream Siron Plus Tablet
Acolate Kid Nasal Drops Bp -At Tablet Ferliter 100 Capsule Moxxil Duo 375 Tablet Peloscab Lotion Slipid Capsules
Acolate Kid Suspension Brenum P Tablet Ferliter 200 Capsule Moxxil Duo 625 Tablet Piloxyn Tablets Sycodep - 2 Tablet
Acolate Nasal Drops Caryclone 0.50 Tablet Fluxater Capsule Moxxil Duo Kid Tablet Pridilan - 10 Tablet Sycodep Tablet
Acolate Oral Drops Caryclone 1 Tablet Halodep - 10 Tablet Neecap Capsules Pridilan - 20 Tablet Tercam Tablet
Acolate Saline Nasal Drops Caryclone 1 Tablet Halodep - S Tablet Niivieter - A Tablet Pridilan - 40 Sr Tablet Thyter Capsules
Acolate Tablet Chlo 2s0 Tablet Inol Ter Capsules Novoter Tablet Promexy - Hf Tablet Tol - A Tablet
Acolate Tablet Chlo Soo Tablet Iqtone Capsules Ocef Cv 250 Tablet Promo Z Plus Powder Trazomet 100 Tablet
Acolate-M Tablet Ciprobact Soo Tablets Llthoter Tablet Ocef Cv 500 Tablet Promo Z Powder Trihexy Tablet
Acolate-M Kid Tablet Ciprobact Tz Tablets Lorisis Capsules Ofloter 200 Tablet Protil Tablet Tynol - Dt Tablet
Algln P Tablet Alaska Tablet Cipron Drops Lorter - P Forte Tablet Ofloter 400 Tablet Rabter Capsule Tynol 650 Tablet
Alprater 0.25 Tablet Cipron Tablet Lorter - P Tablet Ofloter Plus Tablet Rivil Capsules Vitfol Tablet
Alprater 0.5 Tablet Codimol 100 Tablet Ltr 250 Tablet Okter Tablets Serditer - P Tablet Z - Oxi Caplets
Alvert 16 Tablet Codimol 200 Tablet Ltr 500 Tablet Oktodep Tablets Serditer Tablet Z- Ozole Capsule
Alvert Tablet Cool Mol Cv 100 Tablet Ltr 750 Tablet Oivlroi\I - Cz Capsules Sincol Capsules Z- Ozole Do Capsule
Amedil 4 Tab Codimol Cv 200 Tablet Lvt Syrup Omroi\! - Sr Capsules Siron Plus Tablet Zinetil 100 Tablet
Aroget P Syrup Codimol Dt Tablet Lvttablet Omron Capsules Slipid Capsules Zinetil 50 Tablet
Asmater Capsules Combimox Capsule L Ycos - Cz Capsule Omron Plus Tablet Sycodep - 2 Tablet Zolong Tablet
Asulter Tablet Dicloter - So Tablet Malarce Tablet Ostecal Tablets Sycodep Tablet  
Aliter 250 Tablet Dicloter - P Tablet Moxxil 250 Tablet Ostoneem Tablets Serditer - P Tablet  
Aliter 500 Tablet Dicloter - Pc Tablet Moxxil 500 Capsule Oswella Plus Tablets Serditer Tablet  
Aziter Dt Tablet Dicloter Injection Moxxil Duo 1.2 Injection Oswella Tablet Sincol Capsules  
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