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Manufacturing Facilities

Sayona Lifescience has world-class manufacturing facilities in Gujarat, INDIA. Sayona Lifescience also has a unique spray-drying facility, which ensures the lowest levels of moisture content. With a capability to handle highly complex and hazardous reactions with utmost safety and productivity, Sayona Lifescience operations are backed by a full spectrum of utilities including a captive power generation plant, high technology solvent recovery facilities, sophisticated quality control equipment and a 'zero-discharge' environment friendly effluent treatment plant.

The environmental management systems are benchmarked with global standards and are compliant with all the stipulated requirements. This modern manufacturing site provides Sayona Lifescience with a high level of flexibility, thus ensuring efficient and timely delivery of our products to patients and clinicians worldwide. Committed to quality, Sayona Lifescience uses our proprietary technology and synergistic manufacturing platforms to produce high quality products efficiently.

Sayona Lifescience manufacturing operations have a long-standing commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement, which is why Sayona Lifescience regularly upgrades its manufacturing units. To cater to the growing marketing needs, Sayona Lifescience is in the process of expanding our manufacturing scope with more facilities and capacity enhancements in the existing plant.

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