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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that contributing back to the society is not only a RESPONSIBILITY of every Corporate but a COMMITMENT. Our little value addition to the betterment of society is a part of our mission, in line with our commitment to human health. We consider it our duty to contribute a share of our earnings towards health benefits to the less privileged, rural welfare to make life easier for farmers in villages and several charitable activities to do our part towards the welfare of society as a whole

Health Benefits

  • Eye Camps:
    • We continue to conduct large eye care camps in various villages where we provide underprivileged people with free cataract operations and eye checkups through the services of eye specialists and surgeons. All patients undergoing eye operations are also provided with adequate post-operative care.
  • Plastic Surgery:
    • We conduct free operation camps to change the lives of people affected with squint eyes, cleft lips, cleft palate and disfigured faces. The patient population envisaged under this activity are young children especially girls to ensure they are not outcast in the society.
  • Blood Donation:
    • With second highest population in the world, there is tremendous requirement of blood for patient care. Unfortunately, there is an endemic shortfall of this precious item. Every year we organize a blood donation drive at all our locations for our team members to contribute to this noble cause.

Rural Welfare

We have built several Community halls in the vicinity of several hospitals. These community halls are used by relatives of patients admitted in the hospitals especially government run hospitals who come for free treatment. These relatives are provided with free accommodation and subsidized meals while they care for the patient.

We have also dug bore wells to help farmers in rural villages overcome water shortage problems and avoid unhygienic water consumption. We are now undertaking activities to educate and install rain water harvesting techniques to conserve water.

Charitable Activities

The promoters of Sayona have formed the Sayona Foundation. This trust provides financial assistance to meritorious students, medical treatment to underprivileged patients and other social welfare activities. The trust has developed gardens and schools for public use.

Realising the need to ease the adversities faced by victims of natural calamities, Sayona has made generous donations every time an untoward incident has taken place in India. We also send medicines to the victims of such calamities and have been ready and willing to help in all such instances which required our active participation at a time of crisis.

Welcome to Sayona Life Science