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Lead Zinc Beneficiation

SAYONA providesLead-Zinc beneficiation plantson Turnkey basis.

3000 TPD Lead Zinc Beneficiation Plant

Uranium ore Beneficiation

SAYONA provides Uranium concentrator plants on Turnkey basis. It also has a capability to construct Crushing, Grinding & Neutral thickening package.

Copper Beneficiation

SAYONA provides world class Copper Concentrator Plants on Turnkey basis.

Copper Ore Beneficiation Plant

Gold Beneficiation

SAYONA with its technical know-how and expertise is in a position to offer complete Gold Ore Concentrator package depending on the requirements of the client. If necessary, it has the unique advantage of tying up with some overseas associate to offer complete solution on a case to case basis.

Aluminium Refinery

In association with International Partners, SAYONA builds Evaporation Systems for concentration of aluminate liquor in the alumina refineries. SAYONA with its experience of building over 250 plants on LSTK basis has the unparalleled track record of completing projects within the shortest possible time-frame.

The uniqueFalling film Technology is the latest advanced technology and has certain distinct advantages as compared to other systems available for this application. It has low steam consumption, utilization of full heat transfer area, minimal scaling, low power requirement, consistently good condensate quality and accurate control of product temperature.

Hence SAYONA with its International Partners is the best possible combination to build the Evaporation Plants of international standards in optimum time adopting the most advanced technology.

185 TPH capacity Aluminate Liquor Concentration Plant

Red Mud Thickening & Disposal System

The system is installed in an Alumina refinery. The waste of the refinery is dumped in a suitable location. The technology used for decanting the mass is called red mud transportation. SAYONA is capable of executing such projects on EPC basis or as a part of a turnkey project.

AluminiumSmelter : Carbon area

The system is installed in an Alumina refinery. The waste of the refinery is dumped in a suitable location. The technology used for decanting the mass is called red mud transportation. SAYONA is capable of executing such projects on EPC basis or as a part of a turnkey project.

Pre-baked Green anode plant (GAP)

2 Modules of Green Anode Plant (35 TPH each)

Carbon Recycling (butt handling)

SAYONA builds Carbon Recycling Plants deploying state-of-the-art technology. The equipment involved - crushers and feeders - are manufactured by SAYONA according to global standards.

80,000 TPY Carbon Recycling System

Bath processing with autogenous mill

For economic operation, recycling of bath scraps in smelters is a must. SAYONA builds Bath Recycling plants deploying single stage grinding of bath in fully air-swept autogenous mills.

Baking Furnace

SAYONA is capable of building Anode Baking furnace on turnkey basis. Anode baking furnace comprises furnaces with fuel firing system, Anode conveying system, Grouping / ungrouping, Baked anode cleaning and furnace tendering assembly. Green anodes brought from anode storage to anode grouping systems are taken to furnaces by furnace tendering assembly. After baking through a pre-set cycle time, baked anodes are taken out to anode ungrouping by FTA. Baked anodes are then fed to anode cleaning m/c and after cleaning, the baked anodes are sent back to the storage area and ultimately to the Rodding shop for rodding.

Fume treatment plant for baking furnace

SAYONA is capable of building Baking Furnace Fume Treatment plants using most advanced state-of-the-art technology. It has unique features like controlled fume flow balance, optimized fume distribution at the inlet of cooling towers and under filters and elimination of dust buildup.

Rodding Shop

SAYONA is capable of building Anode Rodding shop on turnkey basis. Rodding shop generally comprises overhead P& F conveyor, Bath cleaning m/c, shot blasting m/c, butt press m/c, thimble stripping & cleaning m/c, belt conveyors, roller conveyors, rod brushing & graphite coating m/c, induction furnace, ladle & crane etc. In rodding shop, baked anodes are fitted with thimble & rod and kept ready for use in electrolysis at pot room. At the same time the spent anodes are brought back from pot room and all consumables such as carbon butt, bath, thimble and rods are separated and stored for future use.

Pot Manufacture and Installation

Pot assembly work consists of cradles, pot shells, pot super structure, aluminiumbusbar, air supply systems, insulation material. SAYONA has in-house capability towards manufacturing of cradles, pot shells and pot super structure at its workshop. For fabrication of aluminiumbusbar, air supply system and insulation material,SAYONA has tied up with reputed agencies.

Gas treatment center for potline

SAYONA is capable of building Pot Gas Treatment plants using the best technology globally available. The emission level is below 1 mg per Nm� resulting in cost savings due to increased fluorine recovery. It is of modular concept with even gas distribution to each module. The accurate fresh alumina distribution arrangement to each reactor and gas flow rate control system at each module ensures consistent emission level at stack.

Hyper dense phase system for pot feeding

In association with Rio Tinto Alcan of France, SAYONA builds Hyper dense phase systems for pot feeding at Aluminium smelter plants. HDPS is an automated continuous feeding process which maximizes the performance of pots and ensures that all pot hoppers shall remain full permanently. Its power consumption and maintenance requirements are also very less. The HDPS at Nalco Smelter at Angul, Orissa was made by SAYONA .

Recycling Tips

The use of scrap metal has become an integral part of the modern steelmaking industry, improving the industry's economic viability and reducing environmental impact.