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Health Care

There is an urgent need for Health Education mainly in the rural areas. Sayona foundation tries to establish and promote health educational programs that help in providing rapid and long term improvement in health and overall quality of life. Sayona foundation believes that new trends come up every other day in the health care industry and so it aims at providing modern healthcare to the patients from rural and semi rural areas at a subsidized rate. High-tech, evidence based, cost effective measures such as vaccines, antibiotics, micronutrient supplementation, improved family care, also by making simple changes in living conditions such as improving hygiene are the ways with which the foundation tries to provide a healthier life to all.

Sayona Foundation has become synonymous with quality education, community services, and advancements in healthcare. Do in no small part to the Foundation's philanthropic efforts, many achievements have been fostered in these spheres across India. - Jagruti Mehta, Social Activist