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Education is the basic requirement that needs to be given priority for the development of the society. Imparting basic education should be made easily accessible to the ones who require and are not able to have access due to financial and other limitations. Also giving importance to educating girl child should be emphasized as it not only improves the living standard of girls but also helps in brightening their future. We at Sayona Foundation cater to this basic need of providing basic and universal education to the underprivileged. Setting up schools and providing basic infrastructure and facilities has been done by Sayona Foundation as a stepping stone for providing better prospects to the students in future. With the vision of bringing change and development of the underprivileged, the Foundation seeks to provide numerous facilities apart from infrastructure like providing free uniforms, books, stationery etc.

Sayona Foundation has become synonymous with quality education, community services, and advancements in healthcare. Do in no small part to the Foundation's philanthropic efforts, many achievements have been fostered in these spheres across India. - Jagruti Mehta, Social Activist