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Economic Development

Economic Development showcases the overall growth of the society. Bringing economic developmental changes is a challenging task which requires deep study of current trends as well as being predictive about the future up comings. Sayona Foundation is dedicated in building economically sound enterprises in India. The foundation provides resources and focuses on building enterprises in those areas which lack sufficient funds or other resources. It also makes bold but calculated investments in situations that are fragile and complex. Sayona Foundation often works in collaboration with local and international development partners to create and operate companies that provide goods and services essential to economic development. These range from banking to electric power, agricultural processing, hotels, airlines and telecommunications. Sayona Foundation also works with governments to help promote the creation of enabling legal and fiscal structures that encourage the growth of the private sector.

Sayona Foundation has become synonymous with quality education, community services, and advancements in healthcare. Do in no small part to the Foundation's philanthropic efforts, many achievements have been fostered in these spheres across India. - Jagruti Mehta, Social Activist