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About Us

Sayona Foundation is dedicated to improving living conditions and creating opportunities for the unprivileged, without regard to their faith, origin or gender. The Foundation aims to contribute to large scale development at macro level through deeper understanding of the micro level.

The mandate for Sayona Foundation includes a wide spectrum of developmental areas including but not limited to formal and non-formal education for children and women, vocational and livelihood training for youth and adults, community and rural development, primary and secondary health care, information dissemination and literacy , environment conciseness and protection .

Further the foundation is keen to develop infrastructure and facilities to impart knowledge in the emerging fields of Telecom, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology to name a few, hence create center of excellence in the said areas.

Sayona Foundation has become synonymous with quality education, community services, and advancements in healthcare. Do in no small part to the Foundation's philanthropic efforts, many achievements have been fostered in these spheres across India. - Jagruti Mehta, Social Activist