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Sayona Group has become a global leader due to its long-standing expertise which delivers unique opportunities in untapped areas and distinctive solutions. It has maintained leadership in its area of operations by providing innovative solutions and future-ready products to ever-widening base of global clients. Sayona Group is committed to provide low costs high quality allied products while preserving & protecting natural resources and the environment. Sayona Group's endeavor has always been to continuously invest in ideas and personnel to propel it towards its motto that we believe will always keep us ahead, in dynamic and challenging markets globally. Sayona Group is committed to growth with economic inclusion and environmental sustenance.


Sayona Group's Motto is Total Customer Satisfaction without compromising on Integrity.

Vision: Sayona aspires to become an organization that adds value to all stake holders at every level of activity while always keeping Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Employees satisfied.

Aim: Sayona is committed to achieve its vision sustainably and will protect and preserve a clean healthy environment.

Mission: Sayona intends always to be on forefront of innovation with focus on continuous improvement, inclusive development and environment sustainability.

Philosophy: Customer Satisfaction is our Motto.


Global footprint, serving more than 30 countries and 1000+ clients. Extremely versatile and maintains stringent ethical standards and is committed to growth with Three Digit growth over period of five year. Managed by a team of high caliber passionate professionals who set their own goals. Wide range of products, Food & Beverage Additives, Chemicals, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Metals and Metal Salts Company is having type-ups in esky Region access the Globe. Quality Certifications including most stringent WHO,GMP and registered with FDA etc. Strong Global Focus and Environment Centric Outlook of the Management Extensive expertise in Metal Recycling, Waste Management, Hazardous Substance Management, Liquid Distillation and Bio-Chemical Processing.